Almanacs are books published every year that contains facts and information about a particular subject or activity, like weather forecasts or tide tables. The Almanac at hand is different. It is not annual, but continuous. It does not contain numbers to predict the future, but knowledge to create it. It includes no reference tables, but practices and perspectives. The content is a collection of wisdom by many influential, provoking, productive, and inspiring persons. Wisdom from Tim Brown, Chade-Meng Tan, Charles Darwin, Charlie Munger, Richard St. John, Matthias Horx, Yuval Noah Harari, Carlota Perez, Astro Teller, Ash Maurya, Steve Blank, Donella Meadows and many more. It has been curated with great interest and care. I hope you may find value in it.

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* Environmentally friendly printed in Switzerland as A5 (landscape) on 170 g/m2 rough surface white paper with wire binding.